A downloadable foresthorror for Windows

"What is happening above us every day? Is there a god or someone else?"
Play as Daniel and come into the new, creepy, weird and unusual world. With twists and secrets at every corner, our game will scare or thrill you. And every story have a beginning, but will there be a good or a bad ending - it's only your choices. And remember...HE is watching you from everywhere.  Everything has just started...

This is our first project, made with Unity, and we already are working on it very hard. It actually is our first expirience with game-developing, so we hope, that our future project won't disappoint you.
- FiconX Studio.

FiconX Studio includes 4 people at the moment:
Silent Lizard - Composer, concept-artist, sound-designer, script-writer and beta-tester
Misha_The_Fox (MTF) - The main director, scriptwriter and concept-artist.
TotoroUwU - Level-designer and 3-D programmer.
Warrior Carla - Concept-Artist and Video-Editor.


W,A,S,D - Move
Shift - Run
Ctrl - Crawl
Esc. - Go to menu 
1,2 - Show/ Hide cursor
F - Turn on/off flashlight
E - Interact with objects


ATT_ALPHA.zip 211 MB


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good but try harder

I definitely really liked this game; it just had a vibe to it I enjoyed. I vibed with it so much I put it in a video as the third game played if that's alright. Good Luck on future projects!

Thanks for making a review of our game 


Thank you so much for making this game, sadly it didn´t scare me at all, I think it could improve on the voice acting, the scares and adding the subtitles that were missing. Congrats on having your first project uploaded and I hope to play more of your games!

Well, we will try to improve lots of bugs in the demo patch, which we will start working soon. Thanks for your review! ^^

Thanks for making a review of our game ^^

so good

Thanks for reviewing our game. But author is not only me, the authors of this game are FiconX Studio, and I'm one of them! ^^
And yeah, you could change screen resolution and turn off visual effects in the options, so the game wouldn't lag so much! 

Thanks for reviewing our game. If you want you can help with our game ^^

hope for look full story

Amazing game dev had fun playing it :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for making a review of our game


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 If you want you can help with our game ^^

супер игра жду продолжение аэ 
озвучка супер, все супер, автор супер целую обнимаю

Прекрасная игра

Спасибо :D

Good demo, bit short but I look forward to more, if you want Unity help let me know.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for making a review of our game, which I took part in. Also you told, that you can help with Unity, so we would be really glad, if you could help us with 3d coding.
So yeah :p

Nice Game :D